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If you’re not completely thrilled with Run Your BQ, and within don’t feel like you’re running stronger than ever and making dramatic progress towards qualifying for Boston, just let us know. We’ll refund your entire enrollment fee — no questions, no weirdness, no guilt.

Vincent R., Run Your BQ member
"I just wanted to thank you. I’ve been a loyal reader of no meat athlete for a while and signed up for Run Your BQ right at the beginning of the trial period in February. The site is awesome and I learned a ton from all the resources you have up there. You’re doing really great work. Don’t know if it was the good zen of signing up for the site, but just a few days afterwards, I ran a 3:02 at the Austin marathon. I’d hit a wall in two previous attempts at a BQ around the 20 mile mark, and ended up running a 3:09 in those races. I really attribute a lot of that turnaround to the nutrition information and form recommendations on your site (I’m now eating vegan 4 days a week and vegetarian the rest of the time). I’m also running 70 miles a week now no problem and again I think that’s attributable in large part to your advice."

Karen, Run Your BQ member
"Lo and behold!! Faster times, faster recovery, longer mileage, no injury (crossing my fingers) … a complete turnaround. I used to do my long runs with an 11:30/mi pace — now I’m down to 10:40-11:05/mi even for my 20 milers. Slowly but surely!!I particularly love that the Strength and Core workouts are running-specific and can be done at home. With all my days spent running, I’ve given up my gym membership. Jason, you saved me $135 every month, so thanks!Your program has already helped me *immensely*. I love it that I can post a question and get support from my fellow RYBQ-ers plus get expert advice from you [Jason] and Matt. Thank you!!"